Coronavirus Update

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Coronavirus Update

The government has recently announced some lifting of restrictions allowing hotels to reopen in a very limited manner from July 4th.


For us at the Manor House Hotel, this still means we are faced with the uncertainty that for an unspecified length of time our business, cannot yet return to anything like a normal trading environment. These restrictions placed upon us, still negatively affect every single aspect of every single activity at the hotel.

It is with great sadness that we believe re-opening the hotel into this environment, coupled with the increased costs associated with it, will simply increase the losses we have been incurring since lockdown.


Regrettably, because of this, we feel we must explore the option for the hotel to remain closed until the very least March 2021. It is important to state that this decision has not been finalised and we are consulting with our employees regarding how we can stop this from happening.


We understand this uncertainty is not easy, we would like to assure you that should you have a booking affected by this and would like to postpone it beyond March 2021 or wish for a refund, we can arrange this for you.


We are personally devastated with this news and wish you the very best.